‘You need to leave here,’ said Angela.

Jacob didn’t ask her any questions and turned around to go.

He hesitated.

‘Ring me,’ he said, unaware she was already opening the front door.

He thought he heard a man’s voice but told himself he was imagining things. He decided he’d visit again in the morning unannounced.

Where is Angela?

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The next morning Jacob’s eyes widened and terror took hold of him. Blood spattered on the front door of Angela’s house and snow was streaked along the garden beds. He didn’t know whether to knock on the door or follow the trail to see where it led. He heard a whimpering sound in the breeze and climbed over a mound of snow covering the side gate. At that moment he felt a shock ricochet inside of him.

‘Angela,’ he cried.

The dance

Jacob observed Angela at the dance, at first with wonder, then with delight and finally with anxiety. Angela was drinking too much and becoming louder. He could hear her talking and laughing with two men on the other side of the room. Jacob wanted to approach her but decided against it and went home.