Creative Writing

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Today, I’m going to talk to you about creative writing.

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, scripts, speeches, songs, autobiography and memoir are all forms of creative writing.

Creative writing gives you the power to create something to entertain someone. You can make them laugh, cry or think about what you’ve written. It is an art as well as a craft. There must be a plot, otherwise there is no story and your characters must be developed to tell the story. That means that readers should be able to engage and understand your main character, the protagonist.

There must be an underlying theme and description so the reader can understand the protagonist’s surroundings. All these things help the reader imagine being in the protagonist’s shoes.

The most common point of view that creative writing is written in, is first person and third person. Characters need to interact with one another to tell the story so you will need to include dialogue. To make it more interesting consider using metaphors, figures of speech, anecdotes and similes. This will help the reader feel how you want them to about the story. Make sure you vary the voice of each character, so they don’t all sound the same.

The more you practice the better you will become at creative writing. If you don’t practice, you’ll lose your skills. It’s the same with anything you do.

Here’s an exercise to get you started: You’ve woken up, and your reading this blog post. Write about what you’ve done since you’ve got out of bed. It doesn’t matter if it’s mundane, like brushing your teeth. Try and make it as interesting as possible for the reader.

Here’s my attempt: I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, unwilling to look at myself. I took my time brushing my teeth thinking about my new job and all the people I’d meet. The interviewer reminded me of a teacher I once had in high school. The glass smashed in the bathroom window and a brick landed at my feet…

Read your work aloud and make sure you edit it.

Good luck!