Writing Exercise

Landscape, Storm, Rays, Clouds, Sky

Are you self-isolating due to COVID-19? If you’re tired of watching television, doing odd jobs around the house, or fighting for toilet paper in the supermarket, you could do some reading or writing exercises.

I got laid off from my job due to the corona virus and being at home has given me a chance to do some more reading and writing than what I would normally do. While I’m still waiting to hear from the literary agent I sent my manuscript to I thought I would share a writing exercise with you.

Gaze at the picture above. Now close your eyes and imagine you’re in a car, bus or truck. Can you hear the tyres moving over the road? Has it started raining? Is there thunder? What does it smell like where you are? Can you taste anything? Open  your eyes and answer these questions and the ones below. It doesn’t matter what order they are in. You can do it from your point of view or a character’s point of view. The idea is to play with the exercise. There is no right or wrong. It’s what’s in your head.

1  Where are you travelling to?

2 Where did you travel from?

3 What happened the night before?

4 Are you travelling alone?

5 How do you feel about your journey?

6 Have you packed any food?

7 Will you have to break your journey and stay in a motel overnight?

8 Do you run out of petrol along the way?

9 Does someone stop to help you?

10 Is there a murder?

11 Are you alive at the end?

12 How would you describe your surroundings?

13 Is there music playing or noise while your travelling? What does it sound like?

14 Does anyone annoy you?

15 What are the thoughts in your head while you travel?

16 Is there anyone to greet you at the end of your journey?

17 Are they pleased to see you.

18 If there’s no one there, did they leave a message with a neighbor for you?

19 What year are you in?

20 Are there flying saucers overhead?

Until next time, I hope you have fun with this exercise and stay safe.