If you are writing a poem about an experience you’ve had practice writing it in different ways to capture the feelings that the experience evoked in you.

Poetry speaks to the soul of the reader and evokes feelings in the reader that they may or may not relate to.

Here are some things that will help you:

  • Have a theme. For example, bedtime
  • Avoid cliches
  • Use images, metaphors and similes
  • try and see things differently from the way everyone else sees the theme
  • use words that people experience with their senses. For example: hot, cold, warm, smell, touch, sound etc.
  • Read your poem out loud and see how it sounds. Remember it doesn’t have to rhyme.

Here is an example of a poem I’ve written:

Dreaming of characters in my book

I’m part of the landscape

pulled in by a hook

don’t try and wake me

I want to stay for a while

I’m back in time

reliving it all

wanting to remember everything

when I wake

I’m the protagonist

my life is at stake

Artwork: Christian Schloe

Universal Oneness

Earth orbits the sun
Ozone layer protects the planet
And birds chirp in the trees
Finding the perfect partner
New life – a baby cries
Parents connect with their offspring
Seeing my soul in the mirror
And gazing into another soul’s eyes
Love dissolving obstacles
Cycles of the seasons
Sun, planets, stars, and moon
Time immeasurable
Unbounded space
Past, present and future
We are all connected
Our essence is identical
We are the oneself
Living life limitlessly
People, plants, animal and mineral kingdoms
Energetically married to one another